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Health Care Ministry

a Christ-centered, dynamic Health Care Ministry committed to providing holistic quality health care to all with conscious preference for the most neglected.

We commit ourselves to: Proclaim God’s love to all preferably the least, last and the lost. Value life and uphold the teachings of the Catholic Church Deliver holistic quality health care. Provide opportunities for the total development and empowerment of our health care givers. Pursue excellence and innovation to offer globally relevant service.


We, the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres, in the Health Care Ministry, in response to the love of God and to witness to the Giver of Life, we strongly and unanimously declare that we are PRO-LIFE, PRO-LOVE and PRO-FAMILY.
That we actively proclaim, defend and promote human life from its beginning to its natural end. Our defense and promotion of life is based on our reverence to the SUPREME AUTHOR of life and respect for persons and their individual rights especially the fundamental right of every individual including the life of the unborn.

Therefore we strongly condemn: ABORTION, STERILIZATION and REPRODUCTIVE TECHNOLOGIES that replace the conjugal act and EUTHANASIA.

We commit to follow the teachings of the CATHOLIC CHURCH. We invite all to join us in this advocacy towards a PRO-LIFE, PRO-LOVE and PRO-FAMILY society.


 Today, 121 Sisters in the Philippine province are found in 13 hospitals. Among the 13 hospitals, 6 owned, 1 co-owned, 6 administered, 1 purely Pastoral Care Services and 2 Institute for our retired Sisters.