Directress for Continuous Formation

Mission springs from the mystery of God who is love (1Jn 4:16), from his overflowing and boundless love of the whole humanity and creation.  In the “fullness of time,” this love sent Jesus among us (JN 3:16) Jesus is the missionary par excellence. To follow Jesus and heed his call is to share both in his life and mission.

 This reality leads every missionary to reflect on this basic question: “What is my personal experience of God and understanding of the kingdom of God?”  An equally important question is this:  Why do we send missionaries?  Mission is everywhere and every Christian is a missionary.  This is the universality of the call to mission.  This is the testimony of a believer.  It is the person that carries the message:  “Do likewise;” “Come. Follow me.”  This great commission uttered by Jesus arouses an urgent response.

 Vita Consecrata no. 72 stresses the fact that consecrated persons are “in mission” by virtue of their very consecration, to which they bear witness in accordance with the ideal of their Institute.  We are Sisters of St. Paul founded in 1696 by Fr. Louis Chauvet, parish priest of a little French village, Levesville-la-Chenard.  Our first mission consisted in working to improve the human and spiritual level of the villagers by educating the girls and visiting the poor and the sick. (Draft of a Rule, chapter 1)  We share in the apostolic mission of the Church.  We recognize and heed the signs of God in the world.  We have at heart the salvation of all humankind whose call we hear and try to answer with discernment and generosity.  “Here I am” is an answer that implies total availability, capability to adapt and adjust and the unselfish love of the one called. (CA 2001, 36)

 As we ceaselessly proclaim Jesus Christ as the light of the world and the missionary of our loving Father par excellence, let us pray for our seven Sisters as they go forth to another people, another culture . . .  Let us accompany them as they “takes off their shoes . . . for the ground they are approaching is holy…”


From left to right (2nd Row): Sr Fidelia Villa, Sr. Anielyn Delicana, Sr. Jennifer Dayaday, Sr. Jane Tion
From left to right (1st Row): Sr. Judith Abique, Sr. Alma Esmero, Sr Regina Cobrador

Mission Places
Sr. Alma & Sr. Jane
(St. John the Apostle and Evangelist Parish of Mililani Hawaii)
Sr. Fidelia & Sr. Judith (St. Joseph Church and School Waipahu, Hawaii)
Sr. Jennifer & Sr. Anielyn (St. Anthony School Honolulu, Hawaii)
and Sr. Regina(Jerusalem Israel)

"...Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation."
Mark 16:15